I didn't any testimonial before, so I don't know how to write.

To me, a forum skin is the most important part that play most significant role over the board. And I was looking for custom made skin for my site.


Its a Bangladeshi site. first thing first, don't blame me or KJ for this typical "green"ish color scheme. We planned to keep local flavor.

As I said, it is a custom made skin, there was huge number of my personal ideas that I wanted to put in my skin. And, YES! none of them are left behind. KJ made it all come true.

Money and time was issue for me, BUT he delivered even before the given schedule.

I strongly recommend KJ and his 7skins for custom based job and sure I will be back here for more.

While you talk with KJ over msn, sometime u may listen telling him, "This is your site, your skin, anything u say, I will do that" - meaning you should listen to him and you wont regret.