What do I get with the skin purchase?

You will get skin, all the graphics for the skin, logo and button in .psd format so you can edit them.
1 year support for your skin.
Detailed installation guide (Online).

Do you offer a custom skin service?

Yes we do, if you're interested in a custom skin please Contact Us.

Do you make skins for phpbb or Innvision board?

We do not. We may offer them in the near future.

Can I get a refund?

There will be no refunds given. Prior to purchasing skins, it is strongly recommended that you test it by using our demo forums. Refund will be given if the skin is faulty and we cannot fix the problem with the skin.

Why are many of the forum images missing?

This happens when the images folder was not uploaded in the correct place. The images folders must be in styles folder which you have to make in the root folder of your forum. For more info read installation guide.

I'm having trouble installing my skin, will you do it for me?

We will provide detailed instructions for installing skins, however if you still cannot install the skin yourself, we will do it for a small fee of $10.

To what extent are your skins supported?

All skins are fully supported in their original form. If you have made modifications to the skins then they are not supported.

Will your skins work with vBulltin portals?

There are lot of portals out there like vBadvanced, vbPortal etc we do not provide support for any of them. Many graphics won't show up in portal page exactly as they are on the forums. For example, many of our styles have rounded edges, which are images placed on top of a gradient. Since these images are hard-coded in, on the portal page you will see the gradient (which is native to the style's css and which all portals use also), but not the rounded edges. If you want the edges, they will need to be manually added.


Upon purchasing any skins from SevenSkins you agree to the following:

You MUST leave the "Skin designed by: SevenSkins" link on the skins unless you have purchased a branding free option. Then you are allowed to remove that link. Removing that link without purchasing the branding free option will make your licence invalid.

Refunds will only be issued if the problem is style related or if we have been given a chance to fix the issue and we cannot make the repairs. Refunds will not be given due to style problems related to modifications or hacks added to your site that interfere with the style.

We make no guarantees that these styles will work with every modification or hack available.

Exchanges will NOT be granted. Make sure before you finish your payment that you have ordered the correct skin.

Prior to purchasing the style you have selected it is strongly recommended that you test it by using our demo.

Any style you have purchased is strictly limited to one instance of application (i.e. strictly one domain on one server).

You are permitted to alter the code and images of the style you have purchased. It is also acceptable to use the images on your actual website.

Under no circumstances you may distribute the code of the style to others.

On breach of any of these clauses we will immediately revoke your license, we will stop emails for skins update notifications and no refund will be made on license fees